Conservatory conversionDuring the summer months, a conservatory is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunshine and throughout the winter, it provides a cosy room to watch the world go by. B&F Contracts build superb conservatory conversions with heating and cooling systems to keep the perfect ambience all year round. All of our conservatories are fully double glazed with a durable uPVC, aluminium, or wooden structures; each tailor made to your specification.

We can also install energy efficient double glazing to help keep an ambient temperature all year round as well as improving the carbon footprint of the conservatory. For your safety, we will always perform security checks on the conservatory to ensure that the build is completed safely and that the finished product is secure and durable.

Conservatories are structures that do not usually require planning permission, however if you are planning an unusual style or size conservatory, permission may need top be sought.

Maximise your living space with a newly built conservatory by B&F Contracts

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