Garage Extensions

Garage ConversionB&F Contracts can extend your garage to give you additional storage space. We can offer you assistance with planning and design to enable you to create a renovated garage conversion. If you have a single car garage, we can extend it to fit an additional car in or convert it completely into a different room or storage area, If you have a double garage, you can opt to convert one part of the garage or renovate the entire space to suit the needs of yourself and your family.

It is common these days to use the garage as a storage area or extension area as most people are no longer opting to store their vehicles in the garage. B&F Contracts can make the most of your garage space by extending adjacent rooms into the garage or completely renovating the garage space into a more user friendly environment like a playroom or office. So why not consider making your unused garage into a completely new and effective room adding extra value to your property today.

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