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Bedroom ExtensionsFor that extra special luxury touch to your bedroom, we can offer bedroom extensions such as balconies, patios and en-suites.  B&F Contracts offer beautiful bedroom extensions to compliment your home and increase the available space to suit your needs. Where space is limited, there are an abundance of space saving furnishings that can be incorporated to give your smaller bedroom a fresh new feel. We are also happy to add additional bedrooms by building new ones from scratch or converting other existing rooms depending on your needs and allotted space.

B&F Contracts create stunning bedroom extensions to add an elegant touch to your room to compliment your individual style. Balconies are eye-catching features that will enable you to step out of your bedroom directly outside into the fresh air, giving you a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. Our en suite bathrooms are extremely popular as they are convenient and allow you to have your own personal bathing facilities a few steps away from your bedroom. En suites can also be very useful in households with a large number of residents.

Conservatory conversionDuring the summer months, a conservatory is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunshine and throughout the winter, it provides a cosy room to watch the world go by. B&F Contracts build superb conservatory conversions with heating and cooling systems to keep the perfect ambience all year round. All of our conservatories are fully double glazed with a durable uPVC, aluminium, or wooden structures; each tailor made to your specification.

We can also install energy efficient double glazing to help keep an ambient temperature all year round as well as improving the carbon footprint of the conservatory. For your safety, we will always perform security checks on the conservatory to ensure that the build is completed safely and that the finished product is secure and durable.

Conservatories are structures that do not usually require planning permission, however if you are planning an unusual style or size conservatory, permission may need top be sought.

Maximise your living space with a newly built conservatory by B&F Contracts

Sauna ConversionsSaunas and Steam rooms are rapidly becoming popular additions to family homes across the country. Why not consider relaxing and de-stressing in your very own sauna or steam room and your own leisure. Both our saunas and steams rooms can be built externally* and internally depending on your requirements and installed or built from scratch.

Our sauna extensions and steam room extensions are a cost friendly touch of luxury for your home and are all built with your safety in mind. Our saunas and steam rooms can include benches, lighting and audio for your complete relaxation.

*External saunas and steam rooms must have an electrical power supply available.

Garage ConversionB&F Contracts can extend your garage to give you additional storage space. We can offer you assistance with planning and design to enable you to create a renovated garage conversion. If you have a single car garage, we can extend it to fit an additional car in or convert it completely into a different room or storage area, If you have a double garage, you can opt to convert one part of the garage or renovate the entire space to suit the needs of yourself and your family.

It is common these days to use the garage as a storage area or extension area as most people are no longer opting to store their vehicles in the garage. B&F Contracts can make the most of your garage space by extending adjacent rooms into the garage or completely renovating the garage space into a more user friendly environment like a playroom or office. So why not consider making your unused garage into a completely new and effective room adding extra value to your property today.

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